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DIY Spotlight: Master Bedroom French Door Makeover

I love a good DIY project for a few accomplishes a vision on a budget, goes against our throw away culture and brings new life to an old piece and creates an opportunity to bond and learn as a family. When we bought our current and "forever" home nearly 2 years ago we knew that literally every surface would need to be reimagined, fixed or totally transformed. You see, my husband and I have purchased 3 homes in the last 8 years. The first 2 homes we purchased were foreclosed, bank owned properties. We knew the earning potential was big, so we lived in and flipped those homes over the course of 6 years. Each home refined my vision and built character in us as we learned and solved problems. When we sold one home, we would reinvest the profit to the next. We waited to buy our 3rd home until we found the perfect place for our kids to grow up and the place our grandkids would visit one day. Why am I telling you all of this? What we ended up purchasing was WAY more project and work than both of the bank owned properties before, but it was a normal "as is" listing. That meant my vision needed to be met with VERY intentional budget decision in order for us to address the very long list of projects that needed to be done. I loved the design challenge this presented thought, because I think it is so relatable to my clients. Every Monday I will be spotlighting a project that we have accomplished DIY style. It might just serve as a good read, but maybe, just maybe it will inspire you to tackle a DIY solution to your problem as well!

Master Bedroom French Doors:

The Problem:

They were absolutely dated, horrifyingly ugly and had glass windows. I first thought, lets just replace them...until I realized 8 foot tall French Doors aren't cheap! I also didn't want to trash solid wood doors.

The Solution:

Reimagine the doors and create solid doors using the existing design.

The Process:

We started by removing the oval windows which were secured with a trim piece and some contractor grade adhesive. We learned that taping the window prior to prying them off was a good measure in case a window shattered. Using extreme caution, we gently tapped a crow bar beneath the seam where the door met the trim and followed that all the way around on both sides of the door. Eventually using many hands to prevent the window from crashing to the floor, we removed the now freed window from its hole in the door.

Next, we measured the existing rectangle shape that the door had and purchased and cut the thinnest piece of plywood our local store had in stock. I didn't want the new "panel" to pop out from the door any further than it had to. We secured one side of the door with its new panel using liquid nails and a few finishing nails for good measure. Next from the other side we sprayed foam in the hole where the window used to be to insulate the door. The last side was completed the same as the first, with liquid nails and finishing nails. Using caulk we carefully applied a thin bead to the seam where the plywood met the existing door and used a finger to smooth it into the seam leaving a finished look. The final step was painting the doors using a paint and primer in one, we applied 2 coats. The finished product was more amazing than I could have hoped and cost less than $50 to complete! That saved us a few thousand dollars and also provided the opportunity to give something new life instead of wasting!

The Before and After:



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