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Embracing the thrill of life in process.

This weekend was an amazing break in the normal hustle that is life. To state this as plainly as possible, I have come to understand that an idle brain isn’t necessarily the healthiest thing for me. I tend to have so many ideas and passions running around in my head that allowing my mind to rest is not actually a beneficial thing. I need creative outlets in order for me to be the best wife, mom, business owner and person I can be. I tend to become a more dull version of myself if I allow too much idle in my life. This has been very important for me to learn about myself as I become older, I noticed in my early 20’s that if I had a day without a plan or a project I actually would become quiet, harsh and unsettled in my heart. Knowing this about myself has been a very good thing overall, except that I don’t regularly carve out time to just be still very often. If I don’t schedule a weekend without projects or tasks, I don’t easily let them happen. All this to say, this last weekend even with Christmas preparation in full swing, we rested. I can identify within myself that I crave a project completed, a house in perfect order, home renovation tasks complete and having gourmet meals on the table at night as a goal I am chasing. What I’m learning though, is “the destination“ worth the journey required? What moments and messes am I willing to miss in order for my house to look the way that I want? This weekend was a great blessing to my soul, to walk our property with our kids, let them stay up way too late, make an embarrassing amount of cookies and watch football by the fire. I realized again that being immersed in a highlight reel culture can really force unattainable goals into our minds and deprive us from living a full and imperfect life. In design and in life I intentionally choose to make the best of every room, situation and moment (no matter how awkward) because that is real life. I hope you and yours have a beautiful Christmas and enjoy the moments that make life truly beautiful.

“When the perfect shot isn’t about accessories or lighting”

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