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Let do this thing! Welcome to the blog!

I am so excited to officially launch the blog! I hope you will hear some of my heart and join me on the adventure of Design, DIY, home renovation, parenthood and wherever this journey may take us! I am a firm believer that you are capable of wonderful and amazing things if you are only willing to take a risk, bet on yourself and be hungry for success. Has anyone told you today that those dreams that swirl in your mind in the middle of the night might not be that crazy? For me the dream is running a small business, raising 4 little people, loving my high school sweetheart and renovating our country dream home. A dream is about the long game, tiny little decisions that build on the next that lead to something truly unique and beautiful. I hope while joining me on my journey, you too can find the courage to follow that thing that makes your heart light up as well. Let's do this!

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